Help Make Middlesex County a Bully-Free Community.
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About the Campaign

The Campaign

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County and its Council of Business Partners in collaboration with RUSHFORD, the Connecticut Association of Schools, The First Tee of Connecticut, EMPOWER, LiveKind, Donny Marshall, Elizabeth Shulman, LMFT, iCRV Radio, and many others invite all Middlesex County educators, town officials, civic leaders, business owners, residents and workers to stand together for change and take a pledge to stand up to bullying and all mean-spirited behavior. The ultimate goal is to make every town in Middlesex County a bully-free community by promoting positive behavior in our schools, businesses and neighborhoods. The purpose of the Campaign is to expand the reach and awareness of the anti-bullying program; it’s impact on our community and the resources available for help. The campaign also aims to make all of Middlesex County a bully-free community encouraging everyone to take the pledge to stand together against bullying.
Find Out More about the Council of Business Partners
To learn more about CFMC’s Council of Business Partners Fund and how you can become a member or get involved, email Cynthia H. Clegg at or call 860.347.0025.

Campaign History

It was through a popular and successful Middletown interfaith golf tournament, consisting of Congregation Adath Israel of Middletown and St. Mary’s Church of Portland, that two boyhood friends and Tournament organizers David Director and Marc Levin decided to team up with other business owners to form a charitable fund. Money from this fund would go directly to programs that helped improve the local community. In 2009, working through the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, the Council of Business Partners Fund was established and the group identified bullying as an issue. Soon after, with the help of Rushford, a Hartford Healthcare Partner, the “No Bully Zone” program was developed and funded. Council members contribute $1,000 annually along with $5,000 to $7,000 donated annually from the Interfaith Golf Open Tournament of Middletown, also a Council member. To date, the No Bully Zone Program has been implemented in Keigwin Middle and Woodrow Wilson Middle schools in Middletown; in the Haddam-Killingworth school district; in Oddfellows Playhouse projects; The Country School; and in conjunction with The First Tee of Connecticut youth programs.  Most recently, the program was adapted for school bus travel on buses operated by M&J Bus Inc. In 2014, The Community Foundation of Middlesex County and its Council of Business Partners partnered with: Rushford, a Hartford Healthcare Partner, EMPOWER, The First Tee of Connecticut, The Connecticut Association of Schools, LiveKind, and marriage and family therapist Elizabeth Shulman, LMFT to develop the Campaign for Bully-Free Communities.

We Can All Make a Difference If We Stand Together

The following efforts occur in October to coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month and National Unity Day.

Public Service Announcements

Print and broadcast public service announcements will run in CT media throughout the year.

Pledge Signing Events

Pledge signing at Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce October Breakfast Meeting

Bully-Free Communities Rally Day

Unity Day in October at EMPOWER Leadership and Adventure Center in Middletown
  • All in Middlesex County are invited to attend.
  • One bus will be provided for each school district for transportation of students, educators, town officials, business and civic leaders.
  • These community representatives will participate in the rally event and then “bring it back” to their community with schools being asked to hold their own rally.
  • Each community will participate as a team in “empowering” activities.
  • Rally speakers will include representatives from CFMC, Council of Business Partners, Connecticut Association of Schools and Donny Marshall.
  • Rally participants will take the pledge together.

Create Your Own ORANGE Challenge

  • We are all different. Challenge others to do something “uniquely orange” that celebrates who they are.
  • Create your own video or written story with the theme “Being Mean Isn’t Cool.”

Rally Your Community

  • Wear orange to work, to school, to workout or to run errands.
  • Fly orange flags at schools, town halls, or businesses.
  • Conduct a bully-free rally at your school, town hall or library.
  • Like Bully-Free Communities Facebook page.
  • Take the pledge by liking it on Facebook, Instagram, signing a wall banner, etc.
  • Create an orange paper chain of unity by having individuals contribute a link with their name on it.

Community Foundation of Middlesex County

Council of Business Partners

A&A Office Systems A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists Laura M. Pedersen, President BEST Cleaners William J. McCann Susan B. McCann Shawn McCann, President The Black Seal Mauricio Salgar Brown & Brown of CT, Inc. Colin E. Burr, President Connecticut Lighting Centers, Inc. David Director, President Direct Energy David Gilbert Essex Printing / Events Magazines William McMinn, President Interfaith Golf Open Tournament St. Mary’s Church, Portland Congregation Adath Israel, Middletown Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale Lenny Goldberg Mahoney Sabol & Co., LLP James Mahoney, CPA, PFS Managing Partner Malloves Jewelers, Middletown Marc Levin, President May, Bonnee & Clark Insurance Ted May III Daniel Clark M&J Bus Company, Inc. Karen Beebe The Rossi Group Theodore Rossi, CEO Elizabeth Shulman, LFMT Suburban Stationers, Inc. David Shulman, President

In Partnership With

Rushford, a Hartford Healthcare Partner EMPOWER The First Tee of Connecticut The Connecticut Association of Schools Donny Marshall iCRV Radio Renee DiNino, iHeartRadio