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Independent Day School Celebrates Unity Day

November 13, 2020 • Uncategorized
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Each year, the Community Foundation of Middlesex County Council of Business Partners eagerly awaits October. Why? Because in October, we get to see our friends and fellow UPStanders at our annual Campaign for Bully-Free Rally, we hear great stories throughout the month of the incredible projects and programs our youth are involved with – all year round – to ensure safe, respectful schools and neighborhoods, and we celebrate the incredible boys and girls who have one another’s backs each and every day, cheering one another on, and supporting one another as a community.

2020 changed our usual plans – as it did for so many. Rather than get together at our annual rally, we asked our friends at the schools to share with us their projects and photos of their “orange spirit” on Unity Day.

Our friends at Independent Day School sent in this update:

“Independent Day School (IDS) recognized Unity Day as students, faculty, and administration across all three divisions wore orange to spread the message of anti-bullying! Additionally, IDS participates in two programs, Responsive Classroom for Early Childhood and Lower School, and Second Step in the Middle School, which are yearlong curriculums with focus on social and emotional development, anti-bullying, good decision making, and other important initiatives.”

IDS also sent us some photos to show off how they spent Unity day:


















CONGRATULATIONS, Independent Day School – and THANK YOU for all you do to support one another.


Campaigning for Bully-Free Communities

September 19, 2018 • Uncategorized
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 CAMPAIGNING FOR BULLY-FREE COMMUNITIES. October is National Bullying Prevention month, and the Community Foundation of Middlesex County is recognizing the great work being done in our local communities by the many individuals who are dedicated to creating a safe, kind and positive environment for our young people.  Together, educators, health professionals, youth counselors, local business owners, and media personalities are partners in the Campaign for Bully-Free Communities, using their voices, time, and talents to take action to help making every community in Middlesex County bully-free.

The Campaign for Bully-Free Communities was started by members of the Council of Business Partners Fund at the Community Foundation. The Council is a philanthropic, action-oriented group of local business people who pool their resources to support positive youth development programs. In 2009, through a partnership with Rushford mental health professionals, they funded the development of numerous anti-bullying programs. To date the program has helped more than 10,000 educators, students, Continue Reading »

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